About Us
Mike Davis is based in Perth, Western Australia and has 25 Years Experience working as a Commercial Advertising Photographer.
Mike is highly qualified having completed TAFE Photo and R.M.I.T. University BA(photo)HD and has followed the digital evolution from film scanning days to current "High End Digital Photography Practices"
We are always happy to reply to our client's requests and meet requirements  to a  smile, where possible.
Services Offered include; travel to venue locations with medium format digital or 35mm full frame cameras, mobile studio lighting and a very sturdy tripod. Photo editing is done in-house and using ICC calibrated monitors, so as colour reproduction is Internationally rendered correct.
Mike is a perfectionist and likes to get every shot right first-time! A good idea of what is required is a must and I am always happy to quote on the job after a face to face meeting or phone conversation / briefing. Mike from Mike Davis Photography is happy to use contracts of terms and conditions for usage of  commissioned commercial photographic imagery.
Finally, Mike Davis Photography is registered with A.B.N. and use of Imagery is granted upon payment in full.
Mon - Fri: 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Times of business operation outside standard times can be arranged upon consultation